Boracay Bliss Part III

    Sailing at sunset
Despite no real plans to party on this ‘relaxing’ vacation, I did inevitably end up at the bars post sunset…and occasionally before. Charles Bar, my particular favourite, offered permanent ‘happy hours’ and live music, right on the beach. It became my local for the week, and I made some excellent friends during my many evenings there. We were an eclectic mix; Japanese, Norwegian, American, Korean, Romanian, Philippino and of course myself, the token Englishman. It made for interesting and well lubricated nights out.
Great times were had in Boracay, and as I write this last excerpt on the beach before leaving, I have just one more troubling dilemma…do I have the energy to hike the twelve steps to the bar just one more time?
P.S. The relatively short journey from Boracay to my home in Daegu, South Korea, nevertheless became an epic trip. From the guest house to my door, these are the modes of transport I needed…all ten of them: walking – motorbike taxi – ferry – rickshaw – small plane – big plane – shuttle bus – big bus – subway – taxi! To top it off, my backpack didn’t arrive in Daegu; evidently someone didn’t load it onto the plane, and of course my keys, cell phone and laptop were all inside…I know, I know, I should have kept my keys with me…live and learn! My bag finally turned up in Daegu three days later, and my compensation, a whopping $25. But, it is all part of the adventure, and I can’t wait for the next one…watch this space!


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