Living The Dream

As we all know, life has a funny way of surprising us. When we least expect it, some unknown event happens and changes everything. It can be for the better or for the worse, but it’s how we deal with it that matters.

When the school that I taught ESL at in Korea unexpectedly closed down, I was momentarily shocked and very disappointed. I loved my job, and enjoyed my life in Ulsan. I was comfortable. However, as I get older, I’m more philosophical about life, and rather than panic and worry about what to do, a quick and easy decision was made. We would leave Korea, find somewhere cheap to live, and focus on our novels.

Just two months later, my girlfriend and I now live on beautiful Yao Noi, a tiny Thai island in the Andaman Sea. When I first visited Thailand in 2001, I knew without doubt that one day in the future, Thailand would be my home. And so it is!

We’ve rented a lovely house, and from here we’ll dedicate time to our writing careers. And after just one week, we’re in no doubt as to the daily excitement of island life. We’ve dodged wild storms and falling coconut trees, but then scavenged and gorged on the fallen bounty. Roosters compete with the muezzin for our early wake up calls, and geckos eye-ball us as we shower. Riding into town on our scooter is a precarious game of dodge the giant lizard, and to lay on the beach is to dare yourself not to look constantly at the horizon for the threat of tsunamis.

But this is Thailand. Here, the smiles are real and the food is magnificent. The scenery is stunning, and inspiration is all around us.

Until now, I had only been on extended backpacking trips, or 5 day jaunts from Korea.

But right now it’s home. Right now, I’m really living the dream.

4 thoughts on “Living The Dream

  1. hey dude! congrats on your blog. i’ll follow you. good luck on your awesome new life and career and i too subscribe to the avoidance of a ‘real’ job at any and all cost. my art is finally gracing the walls of various establishments here. wish you could see them in person but no worries. all’s good. peace, whitney


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