Office Becomes Beach, and Visa Versa

FacadeToday, May 31st, marks the one week anniversary of moving into our new house on Koh Yao Noi. So far so good, and t’would be an understatement if I said that it wasn’t amazing. There have been a few hiccups, inevitably…12 hour power-cuts, torrential storms, giant cockroaches…but all in all it’s been a smooth transition.

We’re in walking distance of several lovely beaches, but we’re lucky enough to live on a quiet road that leads to Yao Noi’s best kept secret, Had Yao Beach. Just a ten minute cruise by scooter down a windy, jungly trail, and we emerge………here!!!

Had yao

With zero other people on the 500 or so meters of golden sand, and inspiring views of island clusters in the Andaman Sea, the hardest decision of the day is where to set up office. Yes, office! We spend many hours here in quiet contemplation about editing our novels…very important! Tough life, this writing lark. We’ll start in earnest on Monday…honestly!

The Office

Hold my calls…

Tomorrow, June 1st, begins the 2013 WordCount Blogathon. The idea is to blog every day for 30 days, and I intend to try. I plan to share short anecdotes of my travels under the sub heading, ‘Untold Tales from Well Worn Trails.’ As you know, traveling isn’t always about fun, exciting adventures…well, almost always. But there are often trials and tribulations to go with the good times, and there’ll be plenty of those too.

So tomorrow, please look out for the first installment of ‘Untold Tales.’

And here’s a hint of the topic: Falling/glacier/NZ

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