Untold Tales 4: Island off an Island off an Island, Thailand

Is Pano

Yep, that’s where we live, we meaning my wonderfully talented writer girlfriend Leslie Patrick and I.

Tiny Koh Yao Noi lies just a few hundred meters north of larger Koh Yao Yai, which in turn sits nestled a few miles off the coast of the much bigger island of Phuket, Thailand. (for map of the Andaman Sea click link)

And not only do we live on an island off an island off an island, but, when the tide is right we can even wade a hundred meters out into the bay near our house in the village of Thakao, and bask on yet another tiny island. And this one truly is our own…at least until the tide forces us from it.

In summary:

Remote? Yes.      Exotic? Absolutely.      Tropical? Totally.

Am I happy? Very! Very very!!

Is swing

The Chic Adventurer, aka Leslie

Is off an is flowers

Is pier

All photos by the lucky Nomad!

Map by http://www.saltwater-dreaming.com

Check out Leslie’s blog at http://chicadventures.wordpress.com

or her website at http://www.lesliepatrick.com

2 thoughts on “Untold Tales 4: Island off an Island off an Island, Thailand

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