Untold Tales 5: Untamed Iguazu, Argentina

panoramic I

Exhausted after a sleep deprived 24 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires, then hiking through skin melting, breath stealing humidity whilst keeping my eyes peeled for deadly snakes, hungry jaguars and snapping alligators, I almost forgot my real reason for being in this remote corner of South America.

But…then I heard it. A roar like nothing I’ve ever experienced before or since.

Listen HERE!!    Little can prepare you for the sheer scale, noise and magnificent power and beauty of Iguazu Falls and the surrounding rain forest. Straddling the tri-borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, it’s a rare glimpse at raw, unadulterated nature.

Truly amazing. Take a look. But be careful…don’t fall in.

Iguazu with waterfallFind a few Iguazu facts below

Iguazu with Palm tree

Where is Iguazu Falls? (Click to find out)

Iguazu III

Iguazu II Iguazu from above Iguazu Iguazu Falls, Arg panoramic-iguazu

A few facts: Height 60-82 m, Width 2,600 m, Volume an average  1,746 m³ per second. That’s a lot lot, and currently the greatest average annual flow of any waterfall in the world. There are a total of 275 individual falls. It is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

And finally, on her first sight of the tremendous falls, Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed: “Poor Niagara!”

All images by the Nomad and Leslie Patrick, except the feature image from www.americas-photos.com

Map by wwwnc.cdc.gov

Video by Lars Feely, via YouTube

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