Untold Tales 7: Taste Like Chicken? Not Always!

Guinea Pig, Peru

Many travelers would agree that one of the best things about our chosen lifestyle is the huge diversity of food we can try. And as someone that’s almost always hungry, this works out very well indeed.

Whether it be specific regional delicacies, such as dog in Korea or guinea pig in Peru, or random unknown meat hanging in the restaurants of Vietnam, I’ll eat almost anything once.

That said, I’m not sure how I’d fair if I found myself in an episode of, ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’ A bag of crunchy crickets in Cambodia are one thing. But a giant live wiggling witchetty grub in the Aussie outback? No thanks!

Here are a few images of stuff I’ve tried, and most of the time, enjoyed. Beware, a couple of the images are a little, erm, graphic.

Try and guess what they are?    Answers below.    Enjoy.


kanga meat2

Chicken skewers served with chili, lime, thyme, and a chili dipping sauce.3

Bondegi I4


fried crickets...a snack in cambodia.6




Dog meat, KOREA10


Pirhana Amaon

Answers Below.

1) Kangaroo filet, Australia.  2) Crocodile kebab, Australia.  3) Bondegi (silk worm) Korea.  4) Alpaca steak, Peru.  5) Crickets, Cambodia.  6) Cat/Rat, Vietnam…wasn’t sure, but ate it anyway.  7) Camel steak, Australia  8) Deer, Vietnam.  9) Dog meat, Korea.  10) Bird fetus, Philippines.  11) Piranha, caught by yours truly, Amazon River, Peru.

And of course, the top image is a guinea pig, known as Cuy across the Andes. This specimen was in Peru. And this time, it genuinely did taste like chicken!

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