Untold Tales 9: Pauper in Paradise, Tahiti


In the year 2000 I embarked on a twelve month, 16 country trip round-the-world, the half point of which saw us take a well deserved few days of luxury on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia. With a fabulous over-water bungalow secured for 4 nights, at the cost of, well, several months accommodation elsewhere, I was all set for the high life. Click for map.

Tahiti posing I

However, it didn’t quite pan out that way. A few weeks before, while in Peru, our travelers checks ran out (yes, we still used them in 2000), and our one ATM card was just swallowed by a machine in Cuzco, with no chance of recovery. And of course, on arrival on the island, we learned our one credit card would not be accepted.

What did this mean for us? Well, it meant being surrounded by luxurious restaurants and bars, with not a single penny to spend. Our food for the 4 days was complimentary bar snacks when we ordered water (free), and donated mars bars from sympathetic honeymooners. I even snaffled a half finished burger from a nearby table.

You could argue we were unprepared. But I prefer to think of it as a lesson; When going to Tahiti, take a packed lunch.

Moorea Sunrise I

Sofitel Moorea

Mount Cook I

All images, care of the NOMAD.

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