Untold Tales 14: ‘I, Nomadius,’ Rome, Italy

City panoramic

I’m often asked about my traveling favorites, i.e. favorite country, city, beach etc, and they’re always such difficult questions to answer. That’s because, and it’s cliche time, I’m in love with the world! Okay, okay, I’m sorry…but its true.

However, without any doubt my favorite city is Rome. What can I say? It simply oozes so many of the things that I’m passionate about; history and culture, art and architecture…pasta and pizza.

To visit Rome is to step back more than 2000 years into one of the most dramatic and interesting eras of human history. The architecture resonates with past power, and artistic masterpieces await you around every corner.


As you walk among the crumbling stones of the forum, listen carefully and you may hear the ghost of Cicero orating one of my favorite quotes; “Cultivation of the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” It’s a great line, but not as great as a pizza in the Piazza Navona. 

Piazza NavonaI

In the Colosseum, using your eyes isn’t enough. Sit still long enough and you can hear the clash of gladiatorial swords and the roaring crowd as they bay for blood. Smell the air, and the scent of that very blood still lingers.

Colosseum Panoramic

Whether you subscribe to what it stands for or not, St. Peter’s Church, and Vatican City in general, are  sublime examples of human artistic endeavor. So, take a bow, Messrs. Bramante, Bernini and Michelangelo.

Vatican I

The Pantheon, more than 2100 years old, is Rome at its most archaic. Now, its a Catholic Church, but for over 1400 years it was a temple dedicated to all the ancient Gods of Rome. Its very walls seep history and tradition.


Rome is beautiful. Rome is history. I adore it, and one day I will call it home.

Then you can call me the Twenty First Century Nomadius.

Rome by night


View from Vatican City


Images by the Nomad and Leslie Patrick, except aerial St. Peter’s Square image by bbb.com/images


2 thoughts on “Untold Tales 14: ‘I, Nomadius,’ Rome, Italy

  1. I remember when you sent me there, “Guvnor’s orders.” Have no regrets, other than missing the Pantheon. Next time.


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