Untold Tales 15: The Madness of Marrakesh, Morocco

The snow capped High Atlas Mountains serve as a serene, majestic backdrop to the chaos of the Marrakeshi souks, and when enhanced by the haunting chorus of muezzin calling the faithful to prayer, the Chic Adventurer and I couldn’t wait to get lost in this colorful and chaotic city.
Souk small
To step out into the labyrinthine souks within the crumbling Medina walls was to become Theseus confronting a thousand friendly Minotaurs. Deep within the bazaars each street mirrored the next, and with a thousand different sellers selling a million things the same, it was easy to get turned around. The markets were great fun, a real haggler’s haven, but one thing troubled me; all my life I believed I had only one brother, yet in Marrakesh so many men claimed kinship with vehement, passionate cries of, “My brother! My brother.” I have to wonder mum, something you want to tell me?
Inside Islamic school
It’s my humble opinion that Islamic architecture is among the world’s finest, and there’s no shortage of it to be found around the city. And did I mention great food? With a heavy French influence blended with Arabian Nights charm, Marrakesh has, well what is that? A certain je ne sais quoi?
Many people around the world could learn a few things from Moroccans. Here, Muslims, Jews and Christians live, work and socialize together in natural harmony. There is not at all a sense of toleration, but genuine acceptance and appreciation of alternative faiths.
Marrakesh, if I wore a fez, I’d tip it to you now.
Instead, I simply say ‘merci, and ‘شكرا.’
Les in cart
On a separate note, today is June 15, which means the Wordcount Blogathon is halfway through! I’ve managed to blog every day thus far, despite a close call today…the power has been out for the past 24 hours on Yao Noi (the tiny Thai island I now call home) due to monsoon rains knocking down the main power line. Fortunately it came on just in time to post this blog today, and also so I can extend a huge thank you to all my followers new and old, and to everyone that’s taken the time to read my posts this month!

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