Untold Tales 18: From Couch to Karnak & Beyond, Egypt

Karnak walls

To this day I don’t know how it happened? Aliens? Wishful thinking?

One sleepy spring afternoon last year I was daydreaming on the couch. Suddenly I awoke, only to find myself in nineteenth century Egypt. I’d been transported, along with partner in crime The Chic Adventurer, to Karnak, the ancient temple city on the banks of the Nile.

With zero warning I had no time to grab a camera…so, I stole one. I spotted a guy scraping around in the dust, and when his back was turned I grabbed his bulky old camera and ran. Turns out he was some famous archaeologist, a certain Mr. Howard Carter…you may have heard of him?

We saw that doorway below, and like excited kids (or Mr. Ben) set out on our adventure. The year was 1892, and this is a pictorial story of those crazy few days. (Sorry for the image quality…the camera is 120 years old)

Doors II

60's Karnak

Columns collonade

Karnak, girls

Karnak, Les

The Chic Adventuer

Karnak, woman






Valley Kings

Walls II

Us on Camels

It’s a long way back to the twenty first century, especially on these.

It was an amazing experience, exploring Egypt in 1892. Strangely, it hasn’t changed much in 120 years.

All pictures courtesy of the Nomad, with a little help from Mr. Howard Carter and Picassa.


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