Untold Tales 22: Past Perfect in Prague, Czech Republic

Chales Bridge, Prague

Last spring I was fortunate enough to spend 5 weeks in Prague. Fortunate in that it’s a beautiful city to live for a while, yet tempered by the fact that I was studying super hard for 4 of those weeks. The course? My CELTA teaching certificate. Worth it? Yes. Really tough and stressful? Yes? Do it again? Never.

The Chic Adventurer and Twenty First Century Nomad in Prague

Before the course started, Leslie and I spent a fab few days seeing the sights, and there’s no doubting Prague’s magic. From atop the tower of Old Town Hall in the main square, the views over the red roofed city are surreal…like Lego for adults. It has to be ‘done,’ but a stroll over crowded but atmospheric Charles Bridge is tourism gone mad. You can’t see the beautiful Gothic sculptures for the crowds, and the many talented classical musicians busking along the walkways are drowned out by the noisy chatter. Though I doubt they care, so long as the dollars drop into the proffered caps.

In summary, Prague is stunning. But if possible, take the metro a few stops outside of the Old Town mayhem, and discover the city at its best. And leave the studies for another time!

Where is your favorite European city? I’d love to hear about it.

Prague vineyards

Night view of Prague

Statue in Prague

Sunset in Prague

The Chic Adventurer in Prague

All images courtesy of the Nomad and The Chic Adventurer.


6 thoughts on “Untold Tales 22: Past Perfect in Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Berlin’s got everything. Architecture, history, green space, endless nightlife, museums, counter-culture, pommes frites doused with mayonnaise. What more could anyone want?


  2. not quite a city, but we fell in love with Sarlat, in the Dordogne region in France. A little medieval city, cobbled streets and sandstone buildings, frequented by artists and foodies, and renowned for truffles, foie gras and Bordeaux wine! Absolutely stunning 🙂


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