Untold Tales 24: Introducing The Chic Adventurer

Chic Les in office I

Today, I’m breaking away a little from the recent theme of my blogs, to give a long overdue introduction to my better half, long time travel companion and inspiration, Leslie Patrick. Leslie is a freelance writer extraordinaire, and has recently written fabulous articles for publications such as Marie Claire, Hemispheres and Monocle. Click here to see Leslie’s beautiful website.Chic Les III

Leslie hails from Santa Cruz, California, but for now calls Koh Yao Noi, Thailand home. This morning I walked along our deck to find her hard at work in the office/hammock on her latest article, and asked her a few questions about her life as The Chic Adventurer.

Q: Traditionally, perhaps, adventure and chic were not considered an important combination. What’s changed? 

A: More and more people are traveling the world these days, and they don’t want to leave their sense of style behind! As for me, I look for the complete package when I travel, and I love places that incorporate  a sense of style with functionality.

Q: The tag line on your blog is: “I live to search out the beauty and chic-ness that can be found anywhere – if only you know where to look.” So, where should we look?

I love to wander around new places completely blind, that is, with no guidebook to help me, to discover new places. Look down alleys, in unlikely neighborhoods…off the beaten track so to speak and make your own discoveries. There’s always an amazing wine bar, boutique or flower market lurking somewhere that you least expect it!

Q: Where is the chicest place you’ve traveled to as yet? 

I would have to say that the three chicest cities I’ve seen are Paris, Singapore and Miami.

Q: What exciting destination will you be chic in next?

I’m returning to Siem Reap, Cambodia next month. Besides the obvious attraction of Angkor Wat, I can’t wait to check out the cool art and cafe scene there.

Q: What is your best advice for anyone who aspires to be a chic adventurer?

Take your sense of style on the road. Also, be open minded…the chicest restaurant I’ve ever been to looked absolutely dismal from the outside!

Q: What do you hope people will get out of reading your chic adventurer blog? 

I hope to give people travel ideas that can help them get started on a chic adventure of their own!

To read more about the Chic Adventurer, click here.

And take a look below. Pretty damn chic, right? Leslie, I mean, not me!


Karnak, Egypt 039

Chic us Otori I

Les in cart

All images courtesy of the Nomad.

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