Reblog from The Chic Adventurer

Leslie Patrick, aka The Chic Adventurer, recently honored me by featuring me in her fabulous blog of the same name. I’m re-posting her tongue-in-cheek blog here.

The Chic Adventurer

Ok, ok, I know that “chicest nomad” may be getting a bit carried away with my monthly theme, but today I’m going to spotlight the man with who I am significantly other-ed, Steven Moore. Steve pens his own travel blog as the Twenty First Century Nomad, where he tells of his personal tales and experiences from around the globe.

For the past two years Steve has been my constant travel companion, fellow writer and the man behind the camera in most of my photos, so I decided it was about time he got a proper introduction.

Though born in Suffolk, England, Steve now considers himself a permanent nomad, most content when toting a backpack and with a one way ticket to some exotic location in his pocket. He has always said, he wants to keep the number of stamps in his passport at least on par with his…

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