My Girlfriend is Crazy.

Les 2

Excuse the brevity, but my significant other Leslie Spontaneous Patrick has just surprised the flip flops off me. We were gate crashing a very fancy resort, just 3 miles from our house on Yao Noi, for a few hours. We’re about to leave, when she says, “by the way, I just booked us a room online.” Screw the monthly budget, and let the fun begin!

****Updated with a few images from yesterday’s flip flopping surprise by The Chic Adventurer. The reason it was such a surprise is because we live just 2 miles away. Go figure. And yes, they even sweep the beach, that’s how ‘Paradise’ they are at the Paradise Resort on Koh Yao Noi.

Les 4

Les 3

Les 1

Les 5


All images courtesy of the Nomad and The Chic Adventurer.

One thought on “My Girlfriend is Crazy.

  1. Thanks for showing us to the deserted Island on Yao Noi back in May! You made our honeymoon that extra special!
    Did you manage to get a booking Six Senses yet?


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