Untold Tales 27: Blissed Out in Boracay, The Philippines

White Beach, Boracay Panoramic

With over 7,000 islands in the Philippines to choose from, and only a week to spend there on vacation from Korea, I plumped for Boracay and its famous White Beach. On a short trip like that it doesn’t take much to make me happy…delicious native food, warm seas, and cold beers at a few cool beach bars. Throw in a week of nice sunsets, and I’m as happy as Larry, whoever he is?

White Beach was special, and lives up to its growing reputation, and in 2012 Boracay was awarded ‘World’s Best Island’ by fancy travel mag, Travel and Leisure. I’m not sure of the criteria, but it gets my approval.

With Boracay ticked off my Philippines list, there’s just the small matter of which of the 7,106 other islands to choose next.

Which is your favorite Philippine Island? Any special recommendations?

Boracay sunset I

Boracay Trees

All images courtesy of the Nomad.

6 thoughts on “Untold Tales 27: Blissed Out in Boracay, The Philippines

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