Untold Tales 28: The Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand

Me and PG Tongariro pose

One of the most fun days I ever had was hiking with a couple of good friends over the Tongariro Crossing, on New Zealand’s north island. Although quite long for a one day-er at 12 miles (19.4km), it’s not that challenging, hence its great popularity.

Here it all begins - The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Criss-crossing the alpine trails over three active volcanoes leads to some inspiring scenery (just ask Peter Jackson, RE Lord of the Rings) and with an eruption occurring on average every 2 years, you simply can’t keep your eyes from scanning the craters for telltale signs of action. (Incidentally, the last eruption was August last year)

NZ 1

tongariro-new-zealand I

My good friends Steve Craft, P.G and I (you’ve met P.G in two previous blogs, Fiji and Franz Josef) all love New Zealand as an adventure location, and were perpetually in awe at the never ending spectacular backdrop to our trip. With so many world class hiking and trekking opportunities in NZ, it’s tough to choose the best. But for a one day hike, or tramp, as the Kiwis call it, the Tongariro is hard to beat.

Where’s your favorite hiking route?

I’d love to hear about it.

Tongariro, NZ for blog

Tongariro III

All images courtesy of the Nomad and fellow trampers.

Eagle eyed viewers may notice the inconsistencies of snow in the images. It’s because I’ve hiked the trail twice. 🙂

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