2013 Blogathon Success. THANKS.

Haleakala n me II Feature

June 30th marked the finale of the 2013 Wordcount Blogathon, where you were inundated by a barrage of posts to your inbox or via Facebook. The idea: blog 30 times in 30 days. The purpose: reach out to as many readers as possible in a short space of time.

Well, I successfully posted 30 times in June, and am lucky enough to have 130+ new followers to this equally new blog. I take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support. THANK YOU! It means a lot, and could be very helpful as my writing career slowly unfolds. More on that in upcoming posts.

And please, I encourage all of you lovely followers to leave comments on any of my posts, and I’ll happily answer any questions, whether about my trips, or about travelling in general, that you might have. If you enjoy what you find here on my blog, perhaps you’d be kind enough to share it with friends and family, so that they might enjoy it too. Thanks in advance.

Me and Camel, Rajah III

The good news is that from now on I’ll be blogging around twice a week instead of the daily offering. With a wider range of topics and musings of things I’ve had a long term passion for, there should be something for everybody’s sensibilities. For example, art and culture, books and music, anthropology and philosophy, writing and writers…even a little poetry. But travel remains my greatest passion, and they’ll be plenty of that in the coming months.

It was great fun to relive some of my adventures in the ‘Untold Tales’ series of posts, and a pleasure to share them with you. I’ve been so lucky to travel as much as I have, and I hope that by checking out my posts they’ve inspired you to travel a little more, and maybe even to visit places you knew little about. Overall, I hope it’s kindled the wanderlust that I believe exists in everybody.

Trees at Angkor Panoramic

I’ll also muse about my upcoming travel plans with Leslie, and our future projects and ambitions, including a potential photography project, our respective novels, of which we’re both well into the editing process, and an exciting new joint blog, The Chic Nomads. For a sneak peak, click here.

This coming Thursday Leslie and I will quench our thirsty travel bug by making the short trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. We’ve both been before, but are really keen to revisit such a wonderful place, and I get to play Indiana Jones for a few days. And Leslie, please pack your outfit…perhaps you can be my very own Lara Croft? There’s every chance a blog on Angkor Wat will follow soon. If you’re as inspired by that amazing place as I am, watch this space.

But until the next time, thanks again for your continued support, and I leave you with my favorite quote by Ernest Hemingway:

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Well said, Ernest, well said! Now, I really must get back to the office…


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