Khmer, There’s More

Tree on gate PanoramicFor a wannabe Indiana Jones like myself, to escape the hordes of Angkor Wat and get lost among some of the other magnificent ruins in the Archaeological Park is what makes the area so special.

In my previous post about Angkor Wat I mentioned that it’s my subjective opinion it’s definitely a man-made wonder of the world. Likewise, I consider the entire area of the Angkor Archaeological Park the same.  Jungle once hid these ruined and semi-ruined Khmer era cities and temples from the eyes of outsiders, but their magical and mysterious qualities still resonate, especially if you arrive before the crowds, or venture to some of the more remote structures. Whatever your thoughts on religion, it has to be said that religious organisations throughout history have created some of mankind’s most amazing art and architecture.

With too many amazing examples of such creations to discuss here in the Angkor region, today’s post is more of a pictorial guide of the area. If you’ve never been to Siem Reap and its nearby temple complex, do yourselves a favor and scribble it near to the top of your bucket list. If you have an interest in art, architecture, archaeology and culture, and/or like me, you’re a secret Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, you won’t be disappointed.

The Bayon, Cambodia I

Rubbley ruins

Me in B & W

Les in window

AngkorThom Balustrade

Flags Panoramic

Bayon vignette

Carved ladies panoramic

Angkor Thom Gate


Me at Wat 2013


Les at Bayon Panoramic


Trees at Angkor Panoramic

All images by the Nomad and the Chic Adventurer.

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