Soundtracks of Nostalgia


I’m lucky enough to have quite a nice green view from my kitchen window, and when I cook, I like to listen to music. The view is pretty jungley. (Well, it is Thailand) So, can you guess what song came to mind? Of course it was!

Welcome to the Jungle, by Guns n’ Roses, on the amazing and timeless Appetite for Destruction record.

Okay, there are no jungles in the video, but it got me thinking about music, and how it effects our memory of a time or place.

For example, as I walked to cricket club after school, circa 1990, Transvision Vamp repeated on my Walkman. That, however, probably had a lot to do with my crush on schoolboy dream, Wendy James.Wendy James

In a 1995 lads holiday to Majorca, Blur and Oasis, heavyweights of the Brit pop scene, went head to head as we annoyed tourists on the beach with our repetitive plays of ‘Parklife’ and ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory?’ In Turkey 1997, Shed Seven and Pulp were probably the bands we listened to most, as we made fools of ourselves around the hotel pool.

Blur vs Oasis

And during a late 2002 road trip with friends around Australia, Coldplay and the Red Hot Chiili Peppers were dominating the charts as they dominated air time on our car’s CD player.

Fraser Island Crew Panoramic

The lads taking a break on Fraser Island from incessant plays of Coldplay’s Yellow.

As other memories start to fade over time, some of the strongest that remain to me are of the music I listened to at a certain time and in a certain place. And they’re almost always happy memories.

What soundtracks of nostalgia do you have? Do certain songs or bands remind you of special memories or places?

I’d love to hear about them.

p.sSshh. There’s one more soundtrack of nostalgia I was reluctant to mention, but here goes…In school art class, 1989, I secretly listened to ‘Bad’ by Michael Jackson, on my Walkman. Well that’s my excuse for failing the class, anyway. Sshhh!

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