Kolkata: City of Color Part II

Ind 7

Our arrival in Kolkata didn’t go well. The flight from Bangkok arrived after midnight, and a big Indian city is not the best place to start searching for a hotel in the wee hours. So we pre-booked our first night, savvy travelers that we are. Our friendly taxi driver bombed his ubiquitous yellow cab at breakneck speed to the hotel, and guess what…it was closed up, shutters down, and not even a rat in the gutter outside, definitely a bad sign. After a total of 16 hours travel, via pick-up truck, speedboat, taxi, 2 flights and another taxi, that is not what we needed. But of course our chirpy driver knew the perfect place, so off we went. One rip off later, and Leslie and I awoke in the chaos of Kolkata. After an inauspicious start, it was great to be back in India.

Ind 29 Ind 28 Ind 20The main tourist hangout in Kolkata is Sudder Street. Here you’ll find most of the cheaper end hotels and guesthouses, great cafes where backpackers and flashpackers congregate, a decent pub, and amazing street food of which Leslie and I simply couldn’t get enough. We ate curry and samosas by the bucket full, and at 5 rupees (5p or 7c) a piece, why not. When I thought it was getting silly, over eating simply because it was so cheap and delicious, I dumped myself on some electric scales. The result gave me cause to jump around whooping and hollering like some crazed banshee, and permission to carry on stuffing my face- apparently I need fattening up!!


Great News…More Samosas Please!!!

Ind 27 Ind 26 Ind 19

If you ever come to India, which I highly recommend, and you find yourself in Kolkata, do try and stay around Sudder Street. It has an amazing atmosphere, a safe, friendly vibe, and everything you’ll need close at hand. Did I mention unbelievable samosas?

Ind 17 Ind 18 Ind 16 Ind 10 Ind 9 Ind 6 Ind 8 Ind 30 Ind 33 Ind 32

After 3 days, it is time to leave the stifling chaos of Kolkata for the cooler climes of Darjeeling, the fabled hill station in the foothills of the Himalayas. We’ve a 10 hour overnight train booked in 3rd Class Sleeper; It’s been a long time since I did that, and should be an adventure. I for one am excited, and can already smell the delicious tea of Darjeeling brewing ready for my arrival.

Cheers Kolkata…it’s been a blast.

Darjeeling and probable altitude sickness, here we come!

Ind 7

If you’d like some tips on accommodation or what to do in Kolkata, please feel free to ask via the comments section.

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All Images By The Nomad.

14 thoughts on “Kolkata: City of Color Part II

  1. Steve and Leslie,

    I’m glad to see that you two have made it safe to India! As always, thanks for your contributions to the generation and I hope you can contribute some more if you have the time. I’m considering making the generation into an “E-book” published every year with all the blog posts. This way, maybe we can see some profits from it. Volume one will be out in January, if I can find a way to publish it.

    One thing that always surprised me when traveling in Asia, was the vibrant color of some places.

    Myanmar really stuck out to me, as the color is unbelievable–the people have nothing, but yet they have found a way to put color everywhere–on their face paint, on their robes, on the buildings, on the cars–everywhere–and bright colors too.

    I really enjoyed the pictures here Steven. Again, thanks for being one of my biggest supporters! Color is everything.


    • Hey Joe, why you running around with that gun in your hand?
      I think it’s a great idea about the e-book, you should really go for that. What you’re creating here is a unique look at the world through many perspectives, and long may it continue. I for one am proud to be a part of it, and look forward to my next contribution.
      Thanks for the comments on my pictures. I’m a very amateur photographer with an even more amateur camera, but some subjects are impossible to take a bad picture of, and India is one of them. So vibrant, interesting, and the people here are special. Thanks Joe.


  2. Sudder Street, I’ll remember that. And it’s crazy that you showed up at your hotel and it was closed! I’ve learned to book my first night in a place, too… Your and Leslie’s adventurous spirit is awesome. And I’m with Joe, I love the photos, too. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels as you go!


  3. Wow Steve, a closed hotel! That’s truly a pain! Sounds like you rallied and landed well. Your photos are stunning – I particularly like the yellow taxi, and beautiful Leslie of course. Thanks for taking me on a tour of Kolkata. Looking forward to Darjeeling. We’re heading to the Ukraine tomorrow, so we’ll finally get some cooler weather! All the best, Terri


    • Terri, kind words, thanks a lot. Yes, Leslie is beautiful…sshhh. Ukraine, wow. I know very little about that area, but look forward to traveling vicariously with you and James. Enjoy it, and stay safe. You guys remain an inspiration. Cheers, I just raised a cup of Darjeeling tea in your honor.


  4. Hi mate. The journey continues. Glad your taking us with you, even if cyber travel has its limitations. Raising a glass of haut medic to you ad Leslie. D & H x


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