Photo Competition Heads Up

Himalaya VI

Hi guys, just a quick post before I leave Darjeeling on an 18 hour journey to Varanasi. I’m a very amateur photographer. In fact, I’m not even a photographer at all…but I do love to take photos…a lot. The lovely and inspirational duo Terri and James at Gallivance have kindly nominated me to join in the fun at Travel Supermarket’s Capture The Color 2013 Competition. As Terri and James said, and as we all know, ‘photos can launch a thousand dreams.’

TH 1

The rules; post a blog with 5 images that capture the colors red, yellow, blue, green and white.  I’m posting today to nominate the following 5 blogs, all of which I love and serve as inspiration for my own travel plans and photography ideas. I hope this gives you time to compile an amazing entry yourselves.

Thank you all.

Sabai Jai Yen

Big O’s Adventures

The Chic Adventurer

Nomadic Illuminations

Mapping Megan


green 1

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