Some Things Do Last Forever

Jodhpur blog different viewRising strong and proud above the distant dusty plains and Jodhpur’s blue roofs below, Mehrangarh Fort is the epitome of permanence. The ruler who built the fort, Jodha of Mandore, knew how to build! For almost 600 years, enormous immovable exteriors protected the delicate palaces, passageways and chambers within, and it is at once colossal and intricate. Tourists like ants crawl among its cool winding stairways and baking ramparts, while eagles ride the furnace-like thermals waiting for one of the ants to fall. spikes Jodhpur blog cannon Jodhpur blog wallsWars and droughts and monsoons and earthquakes have barely loosened a stone in this vast example of man’s ability to build, and when humanity has finally killed itself off with famine and disease and conquest and stupidity,  Mehrangarh Fort will remain, still strong, still proud, with only the eagles to see it.Jodhpur blog view from top eagles Jodhpur blog flower Jodhpur blog fort view Jodhpur blog lion Jodhpur blog dome Jodhpur blog eagle Jodhpur blog courtyard

All images by The Nomad, except the amazing eagle close up, courtesy of

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