Re-Launching The Kim

Kim 1While I’m over here in Darwin, visiting my brother and waiting for Leslie to escape California and join me, I’ve been doing a variety of cash-in-hand jobs: a) to boost the travel funds, and b) I actually miss working and getting my hands dirty, having spent the last few years teaching ESL and swinging in a hammock in Thailand. I’ve recently dug trenches in the outback, painted a riverside apartment, lifted ton after ton of old patio slabs, and relaid decking just meters above six meter long crocodiles, all in roasting hot temperatures and 100% humidity. Good for the waist line, not for my aging joints. But last week I had the great pleasure of helping my brother’s friend prepare his boat to be relaunched.Kim 2 Kim 10

A few years ago, the skipper, Chook (that’s his name) bought the 100 year old boat, and I quote, “…during a mid-life crisis.” Ultimately the ‘Kim’ has gone from being an exciting business venture to a rather large white elephant. An ancient Pearl lugger, this famous old wooden boat has long since quit lugging pearls, and was bought by Chook with a rosy touristy future in mind. Alas, it didn’t quite work out that way. Nevertheless, she still needs to be properly maintained, and that’s where I came in. Well, somebody had to be daft enough to offer to, in the dry dock, scrape off the barnacles, repaint the hull, sand down and stain the timber, seal the millions of holes, sponge out the bilge water…on my knees…face in the sh**!!

Me, Skipper Chook, and well earned adult beverages.Kim 6But when all the work was finished, my brother and I were lucky enough to get to cruise out of the East Point dry dock and around the open water of Darwin’s coast, all the way to the safe haven of Bay View Marina. Thanks Chook!! It was a beautiful sunset cruise, with plenty of icy Aussie beers on board. The sea was eerily calm, and a storm brooded in the distance. But thankfully it held off, and as we entered the even calmer waters of Bay View, I knew one thing with crystal clarity: if I ever buy a boat, I’ll make sure it’s not old, wooden and big!!! Too much maintenance!!

Kim 3 Kim 4 Kim 5 Kim 9 Kim 12sunset city view storm Kim 14And one more picture. Oh dear, my brother Ian getting in his Jack Dawson, ‘King of the World’ moment. Muppet!!Kim 8Don’t forget guys, it’s MOvember, as you can see from the mustaches in the photos, and it’s not too late to donate for such important causes as testicular cancer. #changingthefaceofmenshealth

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Thank you to everyone that has donated thus far. It’s really a great cause!!

3 thoughts on “Re-Launching The Kim

  1. Steve, have you heard these boat truisms? 1. A boat is a hole in the water where you pour your money. 2. The two happiest days of a boat owner’s life: the day he buys the boat and the day he sells the boat. After barnacle scraping, I’m sure you can relate. Happy boating! James


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