Introducing: Tristan Nancarrow

Tristan NancarrowLast month I posted this blog: “Introducing: I Have Lived Today.” That’s the working title (almost decided) of my debut novel, and over the next few months I will introduce some of my story’s characters. I won’t give too much away of course, as I’m hoping that by my probable publishing date of May 1st, 2014, some of you guys might just be tempted to purchase a copy.

Like I said in that last post, there will definitely be further character developments, but for now, this is somewhat how I imagine my main protagonist to be.

When my story begins, Tristan Nancarrow is a naive thirteen year old boy. What he knows of life can be summed up easily. Nothing. He knows little other than pain, loneliness and the sounds of violence reverberating around the isolated, crumbling cottage he has rarely left. Like all kids, he dreams. But Tristan’s dreams are different from most boys; rather than dream about football and friends, pirates and adventure, “Tristan dreams of a world where his father doesn’t growl like a feral animal as he beats his thirteen year old son like a dog.”

final coverSynopsis reminder: 1960′s England, on a small, isolated island off the south west coast, an abusive man forces his wife to flee for her life. Tristan Nancarrow, weak and afraid, sets out into the world to escape his demons and search for his mother.  But instead, what he finds on his tumultuous journey sends him to the brink of madness and self destruction.

Stay tuned for further posts introducing my characters.

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8 thoughts on “Introducing: Tristan Nancarrow

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    • Hey Terri.
      Sorry, not going to tell you that…not yet…but be sure that all the names in the story have a hidden meaning in their Celtic Cornish language.
      Thanks for the interest.


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