May The ‘MO’ Be With You!

Twenty First Century NomadDear oh dear!! The Brothers Grimm!!

Hello guys. It’s time for another thank you.

This time to it goes out to all the people that donated to my MOvember 2013 campaign, and to anyone else at all that got involved or contributed throughout the world. It really is an amazing organisation, that from very humble beginnings in Adelaide, Australia, in 1999, has now raised in excess of $500,000,000 toward research into prostate and testicular cancer.

They really are…”Changing The Face Of Men’s Health.” And they thank you for your support!MG679 EDM_ThankYouDonorImageFA3_323x341_WIDGET4

So, a big personal thanks to the following:

My awesome mum Sue, my big/little MO-Bro Ian, my way, way better half Leslie, Whitney O’Friel, Sarah York, Robin, Jamie at Great Big Scary World, Steve Stewart, Richard Stamp, Sally at A Breath Of Foreign Air, Rachel Lynn Sebastian, Evan & Clare Carr, Corlie at Red Buffalo Trading, Howie Harper, Edward Mardle and last but in no way least, Jan Barlow.

Thanks everyone. And now, a cheesy video experiment.

We as individuals are not in the position to fix the world’s problems…that is left to politicians, and we know how little they are doing. So it is up to us to do our little bit. And as my hero Mahatma Gandhi once said;

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

Thanks again everyone, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, from the village idiots!!IMG_5114

You can always donate to MOvember:




And be sure to stop by FACEBOOK PAGE please!!

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