Why I’m A Nomad In One Word: Bali

Twenty First Century Nomad BaliIn this, my 100th post here on Twenty First Century Nomad, I felt it time to address as to why, in fact, I am nomadic.

Twenty First Century Nomad Bali

It’s been nineteen and a half years since I first set foot on Bali, which means it’s been nineteen and a half years since I first discovered I was nomadic. To arrive in Bali, especially as a young naive kid from small-town England, was to discover that another world existed beyond the grey, mediocre life I’d inhabited for so long.

Back then, Bali was as green as it was exotic. It was as mysterious as it was magical. And to me, it was as alien to be there as it was natural. Everything was different, but in good ways. The people were different, as was the food; patient and smiling, spicy and delicious. The weather was different, as was the scenery; warm and enticing, wild and majestic. The culture was different, as was the lifestyle; gentle and respectful, relaxed and intoxicating. Architecture, traditions, customs, beaches…everything was amazing. I fell in love with Bali, and at the same time, I fell in love with traveling.

Twenty First Century Nomad Bali

Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad Bali

That was 1994. And guess what? Bali is still beautiful and it is still magical. The people and the weather are as warm and friendly as ever, and on this, my 5th visit, it remains one of my all time favorite places on Earth. Importantly for me, twenty years on, as Bali is still very special, I am still very nomadic, albeit a Twenty Fist Century version.

Twenty First Century Nomad BaliTwenty First Century Nomad BaliTwenty First Century Nomad Bali

For me, Bali is where it all began, and from Bali it will all continue, along with Leslie, all the way to Paris.

Where and when did you fall in love with traveling? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad BaliSDC11666 Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad BaliTwenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad Bali Twenty First Century Nomad Bali

All images by The Nomad, Steven Moore

15 thoughts on “Why I’m A Nomad In One Word: Bali

  1. Wow 19 and a half years is quite a celebration as a nomad. Once the travel bug bites you can’t get rid of it 🙂
    I fell in love with travelling in 2002 when I first arrived in Paris, on the way to my first overseas climbing trip in Fontainebleau. Completely clueless, and lugging 30kgs of luggage around the stylish Parisian streets! I will never forget that day and look forward to many more like it.
    Hope you guys enjoy Paris.


    • Hey Corlie.
      Yes it’s a long time, but once the bug bites, you tend to stay bitten.
      I can imagine the scene of you carting all that gear about…done a similar thing myself. But it’s what makes us better travelers…can’t get it right every time.
      We’re very excited about Paris, and to be a little sedentary, if just for a few months. We’ve both been a couple of times as tourists, but for sure want to soak up some of the local lifestyle this time.


    • Hey there.
      Well as soon as you get the chance, go for it.
      There’s an outside chance we’ll be going to Nicaragua for a short visit this year, and that region is high on my list. If I do I’ll be sure to ask for some tips.



      • Hey. It depends what you’re into. For the beach I would highly recommend Legian and Seminyak, the same beach but a mile apart, and much classier and more relaxed than Kuta. For culture and relaxation definitely go to Ubud in the centre. Eat.Pray.Love territory. It’s such a lovely place and the scenery around, with rice terraces and volcanoes, is lovely. And a massage is $5. Eat at Taco Casa, the best Mexican outside of, well, Mexico? Sanur on the south east coast is a more relaxed, quieter beach, but still lovely, and to get even quieter, from Sanur go to Lembongan…very cool and great diving. Other than that, I’ve never been north. But my favorite spots are Seminyak and Ubud. Enjoy.


      • I’m no expert here. Budget is an issue too. In Ubud, though, The Bali T-Houses are special. A little out of town, but lovely and peaceful and an amazing location. The Jati 3 Bungalows (Agoda) on Monkey Forest Road are great. About $20 per night, a perfect location on Monkey Forest Road, and great value. Best I can do i’m afraid.


    • Thanks Jeremy. It was a long time ago, but when it bites, you definitely stay bitten. Bali, and Indonesia as a whole, is a special country. Have you been?
      Check back soon for a chance to win a postcard from somewhere nearby.


  2. Never been to Bali, but I have friends who have and loved it. I fell in love with travel… I guess first at 17 in Italy, Germany, and Austria, and then again at 22 in France, Switzerland, and Monaco, and for real when I moved to Taiwan and Hong Kong, which was a far more dramatic adjustment for me than any of my trips to Europe…

    I have a question for you, Steven… I recently started dating a really great guy who I think I’m going to be with for a long time. He’s around your age and has never done the kind of traveling I’ve done — at least not to Asia. What would you say to someone in order to make them understand what would make you want to pick up everything and just… GO… ?


    • Those are some beautiful countries to get the bug from, no doubt.
      Hmm, as for the other? I know you’ve been following Jamie’s blog, Great Big Scary World. He and I agree that the biggest question you have to ask yourself is, ‘Are You Happy?’ How many of us are truly, completely happy? Life is short, we get only one (in my opinion) so we have to live it to its fullest, no matter how scary it may seem. If there is a small chance that the grass may greener, then we should be brave enough to take a walk on the other side, right? We can always walk back again. Never try, never know!! But complacency is my biggest fear. If I ever start to get complacent with life then it isn’t exciting enough, and I have to change it. Anyway, the bottom line is try everything once, in my most humble of opinions. Good luck by the way, not everyone can be convinced. Steve.


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