Postcard Competition

A couple of days ago Leslie and I visited spectacular Borobudur, Yogyakarta, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. A blog post will follow shortly, but in the mean time, how about a quick and easy competition?

   Twenty First Century Nomad Steven Moore Photography

How to win? All you need to do is tell me where the three pictures above were taken from? Easy, right? The first two correct answers in the comments section of this post will win. The deadline is Sunday, and two lucky winners will be announced Monday.

The prize? A postcard from Borobudur signed by me and The Chic Adventurer herself, Leslie Patrick. Very exciting, I know.

If you’re not sure where they are taken from, check out my Twenty First Century Nomad Facebook Page for the answers. You may need to scroll a little. 😉

Good luck!

All images by The Nomad, at Steven Moore Photography

9 thoughts on “Postcard Competition

  1. Not a bad try Brien, but don’t think it’s enough to win with; the Himalayas are big dude. And there’s no box big enough for my butt at the moment, so maybe not.


  2. #1 Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, Himalayas, India (Himalayas)

    #2 Sunrise?, Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, India (Himalayas)

    #3 Entrance to Tiger Hill, Darjeeling, India (Himalayas)


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