Introducing: Kerra Nancarrow

A month or two back I posted a blog introducing my novel’s main protagonist, Tristan Nancarrow. To follow up that post, here’s a brief introduction to his troubled mother, Kerra.

Kerra Nancarrow is trapped, enslaved even, by a brutal husband and her incarcerating island prison. For too long she has suffered terrible abuse, and her life is in the balance.

To survive, she has to make the ultimate sacrifice. Can she do it? Despair

Introducing the novel: I HAVE LIVED TODAY

Synopsis reminder: 1960′s England, on a small, isolated island off the south west coast, an abusive man forces his wife to flee for her life. Tristan Nancarrow, weak and afraid, sets out into the world to escape his demons and search for his mother.  But instead, what he finds on his tumultuous journey sends him to the brink of madness and self destruction.

final cover

Introducing: Tristan NancarrowTristan

Stay tuned for further posts introducing more of my my characters.

Boy image credit HERE

Woman image credit HERE

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