“Three Little Boys,” a novel by John Hopton

Three Little BoysOne of my best mates, John Hopton of Taco Handshake rock fame, has just published his first novel on Amazon Kindle. I loved it, and if you trust me even just a little, go and buy it. It costs less than a pint, and lasts quite a lot longer.

Here’s my review of, ‘Three Little Boys.’

I cringed amid my own embarrassment from the very first page, as I recalled with a watery mouth the pain of being an awkward, socially inept school kid. John’s prose is witty, and the story is very funny in an ‘oh shit, I’m actually laughing at myself’ kind of way, and in the three lead characters, whether as boys, teenagers or men, I’m sure that any British thirty something males (or any males of any age from any country, for that matter) will find something of himself in this story, though it might not be your proudest moment. Oh dear, those scenes at the house party as a 15 year old, or that night at the disco…how many times have we fellas lived through those nightmares?!

‘Three Little Boys’ is a fantastic tale that traverses decades and continents, and is a raucous laugh while actually addressing a few serious social and domestic issues. If you can get past the uneasy notion that John is actually writing about you and your mates and the ridiculous things you did in the pursuit of girls and happiness, then you’ll surely love it as much as I did.

Thanks, John, for a jolly yet cringeworthy trip down memory lane, and at a bargain price of £2.54…like I said, less than a pint.

Buy your Kindle copy here: Three Little Boys 

Happy reading,

SteveThree Little Boys

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