About the Nomad

Hello there, I’m Steve.

Welcome to Twenty first century Nomad.

For almost twenty years I’ve been traveling and working my way around the globe, living life and learning all I can about anything and everything, myself included. I created this blog last year in order to share some of what I’ve discovered, discuss my thoughts and feelings about some of the places I have visited and things I’ve done, and also to practice & develop my writing as I follow my dream of being a novelist. There’ll be a lot of pretty pictures, too, with a few tales of adventure and misadventure along the way.

I hope you’ll join me on my continuing journey in the pursuit of everything.




17 thoughts on “About the Nomad

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    • Thanks, Kavita. I read your posts with interest. I lived in Sydney for 6 months many years back, and I love that city, and Australia in general. Cheers.


      • Awe that is so sweet of you to say Steven…yes, Australia is a nice country and I am trying to see more of this place at the moment…hope to hear more about your adventurous travel 🙂 And I think I want to travel like you in future so you are like an ideal I can aim to be like…


  3. Steven,

    Thanks for putting the badge up! The post will be up tomorrow morning (for me that is)– about 9.00 o’clock A.M. NYC time.

    I think it is hilarious that Leslie, you and me all use the “Oxygen Theme” from WordPress.

    I think it is my best edit yet. We’ll see what you think of it tomorrow.


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  5. Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for following along this past week as we asked our Readers to help us pick photos for the Capture the Colour Photo Contest.

    We truly love your wonderful blog and your gorgeous photography, so we wanted to invite you to join us in the fun quest. We are posting our final submission tomorrow (Saturday September 7) and you will see that we have nominated you to submit.

    Please participate at whatever level you like. We just wanted you to know that we think your blog is a joy! 🙂

    All the best, Terri and James

    Here are the links to our post titled Capture the Colour 2013 and the contest.




    • Cool, thanks, and a great idea by Lesley, right?
      Darwin is an underrated place…loads of outdoorsy stuff and exciting adventures that I’ll be documenting in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by.


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