You’ve Been Where?

Here’s a list of the countries I have been to, (lucky me) and how many times I’ve been there. 

England (home), Republic of Ireland, Wales x 5, France x 3, Monaco, Spain x about 20, Italy x 2, Vatican City x 2, Holland x 3, Belgium x 2, Czech Rep x 2, Poland, Austria, Germany x 3, Greece x 2, Turkey x 3, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel x 2, Egypt x 2, Tunisia, Morocco, Nepal, India x 2, South Korea x 3, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore x 3, Indonesia x 4, Philippines, Malaysia x 5, Thailand x 8, Cambodia x 2, Vietnam, Laos, Australia x 5, New Zealand x 4, Fiji, French Polynesia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Mexico x 3, U.S.A x 2, Canada.

To see images of some of the places that have inspired me, simply click on the links below…and enjoy! I intend to add more images soon, but here’s a start.


Uluru -Ayre’s Rock, the world’s largest single stone, sacred to the natives.

Kjata Tjuta -Spectacular rock formations in the outback.

Whitsunday Islands -The nomad spent a few glorious days sailing here.

Billabong, Kakadu -Kakadu, home to giant crocs and awesome scenery.

Sydney -The nomad lived and worked in this stunning city for 6 months.

Pinnacle Desert -Landscape of termite mounds in western OZ.

Fraser Island -Great times on the world’s largest sand island.

The Blue Mountains -Near Sydney, the Blueys are a great hiking spot.

Great Barrier Reef -The nomad learned to scuba dive here.


Taj Mahal –Perhaps the most perfect example of human endeavor.

Thar Desert, Rajastan –Read about the camel safari in Published Articles

Jaisalmer Fort –Serene and imposing fortress in the desert.

Varanasi –India’s holiest and craziest city on the banks of the Ganges.


El Castillo, Chichen Itza –Mayan pyramid, and truly inspiring.

Coba – Real Indiana Jones stuff.

Tulum –Mayan ruins above a dreamy beach.

Cancun -Special beach and hedonistic nightlife…perfect!


Machu Pichu -Mesmerizing Inca mountain citadel.

Inca Trail -Altitude sickness vs sublime views…a fair battle.

Colca Canyon -The world’s deepest.

The Sacred Valley -A step in time to the time of the Incas.

Piranha Fishing, Amazon Jungle -Great adventure in deadly waters.

Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca -Reed islands on the world’s highest lake.

Guinea Pig -Eat like a native…delicious.






9 thoughts on “You’ve Been Where?

  1. Hi Steven… I am kedar from Maharashtra, India. I readon your page that you are currently in India. Any plan to come visit maharashtra ?? If you are comming, please tell me in advance. I would like to meet you. I also have similar plans like you. Looking forward to have a beer & nice time with you.


    • Thanks Jonas. You know, I have been to a lot of really amazing places, some of them several times, but it’s not about the numbers as much as trying to have an amazing and rewarding experience. I do have a target though: however old I am when I die, I want the number of countries I’ve visited to be higher than my age. I’m ahead now, 39 years, 48 countries. But it’s just for fun, and the important thing is to see as much of the world as possible while leaving my positive impact upon it.
      Happy travels,


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