Père Lachaise Cemetery, and an Ode To The Lizard King

Last week Leslie and I took a stroll around the beautiful and haunting Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. It’s the final resting place of many literary and creative luminaries, such as Oscar Wilde, Alexander Dumas et al. But the guy whose tomb I wanted to visit was the Lizard king himself, James Douglas Morrison. A fully paid up member of the ‘Dead at 27’ club, Jim Morrison was an icon of the liberal and chaotic sixties lifestyle, yet he could not have chosen a more peaceful and inspiring place in which to spend eternity.

Take a walk with me on my ‘Ode to the Lizard King.’

 Very amateur video by The Nomad

All images by The Nomad (except Morrison Portrait HERE)

Steven Moore Photography

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6 thoughts on “Père Lachaise Cemetery, and an Ode To The Lizard King

  1. Wow that must be quite the experience to visit the final resting places of people that have left such an impression on the world!


    • Hi Corlie.
      Well I’m a big Doors fan, so for me it was kind of poignant as well as being a very cool place. There are so many literary and artistic figures in that cemetary, and the whole place breathes with the intellectuals of the past. Love it.


  2. Wow Steve, talk about haunting! Beautifully done – the photos are gorgeous and the music so perfect. I grew up on his music and mourned his death. This sent me off into teenage memories long buried. He would definitely approve of your tribute. ~Terri


    • Thanks Terri. It’s really pretty amateurish, but I still liked the way it turned out after playing around with the images a little.
      Exciting, we’re leaving France in 2 weeks for San Miguel de Allende, and will probably pick your brains for good eats and drinks soon.


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