Chang, Hammocks, and Other Ways To Get Fat While Living in Thailand

Me in Hammock

Okay, so I’m not exactly fat. But when I came to live in Thailand for a few months, it was with several clear goals:

-Complete a second edit on my novel…check!

-Absorb the lifestyle, i.e. beach, food, hammocks, pace of life…check!

-Maintain my relative fitness and lose a little weight…EPIC FAIL!!

Post MarathonI’m nearly 40, and after nailing a half-marathon in March, a full-marathon in my fortieth year is a real target. (?)

However, rather than use the beautiful weather and landscape to continue on with my mid-life health kick, (crisis?) I’ve proceeded to amaze myself with the consistency and creativity of my exercise procrastination.

Why was this fairly simple task such a resounding failure? There are many reasons why I’ve put on over 10 pounds in 10 weeks, (4.5kgs) but here’s a list of some of the worst.    Lazy bugger!!

– The hammock on my deck is just too damn comfortable. Whenever I get a pang of guilt about being in it, the stringy green thing seems to wrap around me just a little more so I can’t get out. I’ll run tomorrow.”

– On the rare occasions when I do manage to leave said hammock…usually to hit the fridge for a snack…my body is simply too stiff from laying in the thing all day anyway. “Never mind, I ran yesterday…didn’t I? Oh.”

– It’s too hot. Seriously, just as I think about going for a run on the beach, I conveniently remember it’s over 30’c. “I’ll run when the sun goes in.”

– It’s not sunny enough. Okay, slight contradiction. But if you’re going to exercise in Thailand, it’s got to be sunny, right? “I’ll run when the sun comes out.”

– I’m writing/editing a novel. There’s never a good time to trade flowing prose for flowing shoes. (Did I actually just write that? Oh dear!) “I’ll run after this chapter, honest.”

– Chang Beer. It’s sunset. I’m stretched. My iPod’s set to shuffle Metallica. I’m so ready. Then I remember that sunset, of course,  is the best time to sup a cheap, chilled Chang. “Okay, okay, I’ll run at the weekend.”

– Saturday nights. No matter where you are, Saturday night is Saturday night, right, which means Sunday’s are out. “Can’t run anyway, not on a weekend.”

-Celebrating. Leslie’s own writing career goes from strength to strength, with freelance articles coming thick and fast. Just as I’m mentally preparing to finally don the Adidas and hit the road, I hear an excited, “Yay, finished. Glass of wine love?” Me: “Congratulations. And wine, of course.” Come on…what else could I say?

-Thai curry. I’m never quite not-full up. It’s so delicious that I always eat too much. “It’s okay, salad for lunch and a run in the afternoon.”

-And lastly, Thailand itself! It’s midweek. I’ve finished my chapter. We’re not celebrating. I’ve escaped the hammock. I’m stretched. I’m not full and it’s not too hot this afternoon. “Definitely beach weather!!!”

What’s your excuse.

flowers I

End of our road.

All images care of the Nomad.

9 thoughts on “Chang, Hammocks, and Other Ways To Get Fat While Living in Thailand

  1. can’t run ‘cos too hot, can’t run ‘cos not sunny enough, can’t run ‘cos enjoying the sunset with a beer…..only one time left, a sunrise run, which is also the best time of day for it. Plus you’ll end up seeing parts of the island as-yet undiscovered! Go on, do it!!!


  2. Hey guys! Nice blog – that’s ko Yao Noi right? I think I have a photo from exactly the same angle:
    I was wondering what kind of accommodation arrangements you made if you’re staying long term? Feel free to write me on my email, it’s a place we really enjoyed and that we’d love to spend more time in if we found affordable accommodation.
    Frank (bbqboy)


    • Hey, and thanks for the interest. We hung out at various places for a week until we met the right contact. Tik, from Namtok Bungalows put is in touch with a Mr and Mrs Sem in Ban Thakao Village who rent a couple of houses. They were so nice, and we rented a 2 bed house for $330 a month all inclusiive of gas, electricity, water and wifi. They even threw in a few geckos and cockroaches for free 😉 But it was an awesome house with a great deck where we strung our hammocks, and just 5 minutes walk from a very decent beach. Any more questions, just ask. Cheers.


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